Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A discussion on media

First of all, isn't this the pot calling the kettle black (from Relevant):

Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, authors of the Left Behind series, have criticized the new NBC mini-series Revelations as being "unbiblical" and "weird." In other news, the 87th book in the Left Behind series will be available this fall ...

Back to the topic at hand...I think I've always been a closet Weezer fan. I remember when they first released their album and I couldn't get enough of it. In 2003, they put out a cd (which was good) and the music video featured the Muppets...COME ON! Who doesn't love the Muppets?! Now, they are getting ready to release a new cd and the first single I simply love. I doubt I'll actually buy the whole cd (I have a rule that I must like three songs off the cd before I buy it, unless it is one of my favorite bands).

Ben Folds is getting ready to release his new cd (April 26th) and I'm so excited because he is touring with this cd, which means I get to see him in May. YAHOO! I also enjoy the first fact I crank it up every time it is on the radio...I just wished they played it more often. In fact, I'm so obsessed with this song that I almost want to buy it from iTunes just so I put it on repeat.

I'm still l-oving The Office. Seriously...did you watch it last night? Don't worry, you can catch a repeat of it on NBC this Thursday at 7:30 pm (CST). Take the 30 minutes to watch this is hilarious (it's even funnier if somehow you can relate to the show...much like Office Space).

I'm hoping to catch Fever Pitch this weekend...with my friend Joel..but it's suppose to be 70, so maybe I'll take a nap outside with my iPod instead...

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