Monday, January 31, 2005

My first convict!

Let me tell you a little about my weekend...because I know you are waiting with baited breathe to figure out how I spent my weekend.

Friday: I finally finished and turned in my statement on Friday morning. Praise it! All 12 of us went out to dinner on Friday night to Old Chicago. An individual pizza (with mushrooms, peppers and olives), 3 Boulevard Wheats and three games of text twist later, we headed back to the hotel and hung out. So fun.

Saturday, I ran some errands and then spent the day relaxing, watching tv and not feeling guilty about not working on Old Testament school work. I spent all last week working on the Statement of Faith, so I deserved to play. My best friend from high school called and asked if I wanted to hang out that night. Christina and I have been friends since 1994, when I showed up with a teal purse in middle school and we've were friends since. Of course we've gone through our own ups and downs and we don't talk as much as we use to, but she is still a good friend. We ended up down around the Xcel Energy center, having dinner at McGovern's and then spending some time at this great Irish bar with good live music. We had a great time...I got home, hung out with the girls where I tried to say I had my first convert to Radius and in turn I said my first convict. A phone call to Nicky , Viv and Cookie (to wish them a happy birthday) and Chad (I think I left you a message, I just don't know if I did) later, I finally went to bed. Silly fuddled state!

Sunday was spent having lunch with Ryan and Erik at BW3's and reading for Old Testament. I took a great nap, listened to my iPod, and watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Desperate Housewives (if only I didn't have church on Sunday nights...I really need TIVO).

I'm hesitant about this class, I'm nervous about my professor, but my favorite Brit is back so that out weighs everything else. My last week of my last intensive. Think about that one for a while...if you are like me, it will be a swirl of emotions.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Friends

Viv Megs Kristin
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I would love ot take this opportunity to wish two of my dearest friends the best birthdays ever! I miss you and wish I could be there to help you celebrate your special day! I love you!!

The range of emotions I am feeling today is a both and

So today is one of the best and saddest day in my life...for many reasons.

1. My grandmother is in the hospital. She may have had a stroke yesterday, so my dad is in New Orleans while she is getting tested to see what's sad.

2. My favorite pair of khakis now have the world largest hole in them and I'm in class. Thankfully, my roommate at seminary just went back to the hotel and I asked her to pick up my jeans for me. So in about an hour, I will be throwing away these sad.

3. I am officially turning in my statement of faith in 3 minutes. Praise the Lord!! It is done!! Celebration tonight at Old Chicago will begin at 6 happy!

4. I'm going to burrito loco on happy!!

Until Monday friends...enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

miss you

a view of the skyline
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I miss Chicago...

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time at intensives...spending time with a beautiful community, being "attacked" by Sara, sitting in the hot tub every night. And my statement of faith is done!

I still miss Chicago.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

so, intensive life is happening...

meet my friend Vicki
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Let me back up first. This time last year, I came to intensives and it was a hard period in my life...very lonely, was in a good spot in with my community at Summit and I wasn't excited to go to Bethel. When I came back from intensives, I realized that my entire community at Summit had changed. And it hurt...bad. So, Vicki and I had needed to meet and start hanging out, one because we were now in the same circle of friends, but also because she seemed like a cool that was a year ago. She's should get to know her...

Six months ago, I started this blog while I was in intensive mood. And I feel like it has been a good 6 months. Take some time and review the past blogs. You might see something you've missed before.

And now I'm here. Class is going...I'm currently listening to someone talk about the Baptist General Conference. I'm hoping to work on my Statement of Faith this afternoon (I NEED TO) and still make time for assignments and of course community. Hopefully some new pictures will be up soon...check back later in the week!

Hello Oscar!

How excited am I?! Oscar nominations were announced today and a very similar field to the Golden Globes. I need to see Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, Hotel Rwanda, Sideways, Maria Full of Grace, Being Julia, Vera Drake, The Incredibles, Collateral, and multiple foreign films. I can't wait!

You can click here and see what was announced and make your predictions. February 27th on ABC with Chris Rock as the host...Yahoo!!

ps-Thank you Oscar for nominating Counting Crows for best song! Now that is the high for my day...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pretty, isn't it...

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Friends, as I write this, I'm preparing for Bethel. The statement of faith is almost done. I can't believe it!

Assignments still need to be done, I still need to finish laundry. I need to pack at some point. With Axis tonight and the ministry fair today, I'm a little stressed.

Look for fun posts and even better pictures from Bethel in the next two weeks. Until then, enjoy this picture my brother sent me...This was the scene in New Orleans (which is where my family is from) on Christmas...It rarely snows there (unlike Chicago, where it doesn't seem to stop!)

Friday, January 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to you!

Last night will go down as one of my favorite nights here in Chicago. My very good friend Vivian is having a birthday next week and I thought that I would celebrate her by taking her "home". Let me back up first. Vivian was the first person I met here and actually connected with. When I came to Chicago to figure out fundraising stuff, she picked me up from the airport. That same weekend, the weekend of her birthday, she took me and two other future interns to Steak and Shake to help us process the intern program. Once I moved up here, she helped me meet new friends, let me hang out with her and it's been history ever since. About a year ago, I had the opportunity to go home with her to Puerto Rico and see a piece of her history that so many don't and I felt so fortunate. She is a wonderful friend and all should get to know her...

Anyways since I'll be in the tundra for her birthday, I took her to this restaurant we found at the Taste of Chicago last year. It was a total hole in the wall, but it was something that totally reminder her (and me) of Puerto Rico. Steak, plantains and some cheese fritters later, we were both stuffed and happy. We then decided that since we were in Chicago why not go to the 24 hour Starbucks. We had coffee, attempted the crossword puzzle(s), made up stories, looked at cute boys and listened to some great music. It was awesome. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

All in all to say, happy birthday friend. Thank you for including me on your special day...I'm sad that I won't be here for the actual day, so thanks for allowing me to celebrate you early.

A side note: my other wonderful beautiful friend Kochie is having a birthday next week, which I'll miss and I'm so sad. Happy birthday to you to friend...I love you so much!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a-freakin-men brother...

from my friend jaybarclay sent to me over im:
is it healthy that while watching the first two episodes of ed (thanks to tivo, naturally) i felt like i was watching old home movies of my friends from college?
yes friend, it is healthy...

Monday, January 17, 2005

and another thing...

I received an ipod with 20 gigs of space for Christmas. I'm officially postmodern. So today, of all days, I've decided that I would start putting some of my favorite CDs onto it so that I don't have to haul all my CDs to Bethel when I leave next week. I already have 1 gig of music on there and feel like if I don't start rationing my gigs properly, I will not have room for the CDs I really want (like Keane or Kayne West or The Shins). What is a girl suppose to do? (I'm asking that for real answers, not theoretically)

a note on that one random guy winning the golden globe

So, the appetizer of Golden Globes last night was good, but by the time it ended at 10 pm last night, I realized two things:
1. I need to see 15 different movies between now and Oscar time
B. So many people got ripped off it was sad.

Adam Duritz, the lead singer for the Counting Crows (my favorite band of all time) was there, suited up and ready to take the win for "Accidently in Love" from Shrek 2. Jim Carrey whose performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was beautiful and truly showed his range. Kate Winslet's performance for both Eternal Sunshine and Finding Neverland were breathtaking and remarkable and made me want to change my hair color, so I did. Will and Grace, a favorite of everyone, they all of them came out to support each other and the show...and then my favorite person right now, Zach Braff (who should have been nominated for Garden State), brought his mom. And all of these people lost!!!! Curses to you Hollywood Foreign Press. The only good thing that came out of these awards was Closer winning two (best supporting actor and actress) and Jamie Foxx winning for Ray.

And to that one random guy winning the golden globe (yes you Leo)...I shake my fist at you!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

It's been one week...

Before we start--58 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes till my 25th birthday wish list will be up soon.
To let you in on the week ahead:
Today, Sunday January 16th -- I must work on my Statement of Faith. It is due in two weeks (insert the appropriate stressed filled words here). I have an assignment due tomorrow for prophets that also need to work on and the Golden Globes are tonight...time management is necessary.

Monday, January 17th -- Oasis kicks off. I feel like I have twenty million balls in the air and something will be dropped. And I Love the 90's Part Deux starts...thank God for the VCR (and model trains).

Tuesday, January 18th -- Meetings in the afternoon, Summit that night. Once again, I feel like I haven't done enough to prepare.

Wednesday, January 19th -- Meetings again, need to work again on Statement of Faith, perhaps a good $5 movie that night...Finding Neverland is showing at the Catlow. Yahoo.

Thursday, January off...sleep, work on school.

Friday, January 21st--Intern Small Group in the morning, Champions at night...a nice 10 hour day.

Saturday, January 22nd--preparing for Bethel. Laundry, cleaning room, volunteer fair at Willow that night. Somehow have my Statement of Faith done so that I all I have to do is turn it in.

Sunday, January 23rd--see above and include Summit being recognized in Axis

Monday, January 24th--Leave for intensives...Look out Old Chicago, here I come!

All this to say:
a) I recognize that this is more information than you needed
2) If I don't post much this week, please see above reasons.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Top 5 reasons I love TBS

Since we (and by we, I mean the house I live in) don't have decent cable, I only get 5 decent stations...MTV, VH1, TNT, Food Network, and TBS. I have grown to love TBS and here are my top five reasons why I love TBS:

5. It shows the Family Guy on Monday nights...The Family Guy might be better than the Simpsons, but it's such a close race that I can't decide.

4. Saved by the Bell...Need I say more?

3. Sex in the City. 4 women, doing life at it's finest and there is something about this that is so real and it makes me want to live in NYC.

2. The continuous flow of Friends...every night!! You can watch it at 6 pm on WGN and then turn to TBS to see a whole hour (sometimes 2 hours)! AMAZING!

and the number 1 reason I love TBS...

They have decided to start showing one of the best shows on TV that got no respect...ED! Ed, like Friends and Felicity were shows that made my college experience. I'm so excited to move back into Stuckeyville that I can't wait. Tune in on January 17th at 11 am (CST).

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

an edit to my last post

Two things:
1. I'm extremely happy for Jordan and I only wish him the best.

B. Life is just hard right now so getting that (the invitation) was like getting the last oreo cookie, it's good, and you're happy it's there, but it's broken and it won't absorb as much milk as you'd like right now so it sucks.

If you are seeking sympathy today, please go some place else

(a preface...Jordan if you are reading this...I apologize in advance)

Yesterday I received something in the mail that I have been trying to avoid for years. Well, maybe not years, but at least 5 months since my friend Jordan told me he was getting married. Jordan, my Jordan, the man all my friends in high school and parts of college believed I was going to marry is getting married. The man I can laugh with, cry with, who has seen me at my best and worst, a cuddle buddy in college, the man who taught me how to swing dance and trust me, I've seen him through some interesting situations too, is now getting married in 66 days.

I was slightly devastated last night when I pulled the inner envelope out and realized this is a reality (a place I don't tend to live). The website is beautiful, the wedding itself will be a blast, the decision now needs to be made if I should go. I'm taking suggestions...and contriubtions if I do go.

So, if you are coming to me today to seek sympathy...Go some place else...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Delta Blue

There is a florist shop that I pass every day that I go into work. I wouldn't say I pass it every day because let's be honest, I don't go to work or that direction every day. It always has sayings on it, quotes that sometimes make me think about the effect they have on my life. It isn't dramatic, but every now and then I try to remember what they are saying and hopefully it will be passed on to something I am doing. Right now, in my mood of change, this sign doesn’t really mean that much to me, but it is something I look at as I drive to work.I have worked a full week and already I feel like the senior-itis is kicking in and the pre-grieving wants to start but can't because I won't let it. And today as I was driving into work and listening to "walking in Memphis" I realized that I am ready to leave this place. I'm not ready to leave the relationships I have developed while being here, but I was ready to plant some roots and I think I'm ready to make a decision about moving. Now, this could all change by next week, so don't put it into cement, but if I imagine where I am going, where I will be in 6 months, I don't know if it's still in Chicago...

I watched my favorite movie this weekend, Garden State. If for some reason you have not seen this movie, please stop reading my blog, got to Blockbuster, rent it and then come back...It's that good. Anyways, I felt like I was watching this movie through new eyes, through eyes of change and the idea of moving when I came across this quote:

"You know that point in your life where you realize the house you grew up isn’t really your home anymore? All of a sudden even thought you have some place where you put your shit, that idea of home is gone. You’ll see one day when you move out, it just sort of happens one day and it’s gone. It’s like you can never get it back. It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. Or maybe it’s like a right of passage, you know, and you’ll never have that feeling again until you create a new idea of home yourself; for your kids, for the family you start, it’s like a cycle or something. I don’t know, but I miss the idea. Maybe that’s all family really is; a group of people who miss the same imaginary place.”

I could list every line that has moved me from that movie, whether it was tears or laughter or made me think about something bigger in life, but as for now, I think this quote sums up how I felt about being home and how I feel about moving forward. I really am looking for a group of people who miss the same imaginary place...

Monday, January 03, 2005

An ode to the month past

the blow-out of the year
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friends, can you believe it? It's 2005! Do you know what that means? It means that in March I will be 25 years old...It means that in May it will be three years since I left Manhattan (Kansas) and move to Chicago...and it means that in June (the 11th to be exact), I will graduate with my master's and be done with my internship. How weird is that?!

So, you are probably curious to know about Kansas City, my Christmas, all the details that come with traveling home for the holidays...Well, suffice it to say, it was an okay time home, and I'm glad to be back. I hit that wall eventually and was like if I don't get home to Chicago, I'm going to scream!! I got to hang out with some great friends, go to church where I don't know anyone anymore, and simply be with my best friend. Kansas City was nice and I had some good conversations with people, but I realized that the trip home was definitely the last time I would be home for that long of a period, nor would I be living in KC any time soon.

It was hectic getting to KC (driving myself to the airport) and hectic getting back (stupid O'Hare and your stupid delays). I got back just in time to enjoy New Year's with good friends and my pseudo roommates and then I got to enjoy my friend Kristen's work party (thank you Emmett's). And now I'm back to work.

It weird to be back, I almost feel like I have nothing to do...which isn't true, I have tons to do. We have ministry Friday night. Attendance from our last meeting still needs to be done. School starts next week ($100 later for books) and so for now, I'm just enjoying the non-stress work environment and playing with my iPod.

There are so many things I want to say, and yet I can't type the words fast enough to let you in on the past month of my life. There are blogs that should have been written (the appropriate use of Christmas lights), things to share with you (randomness that consist of annual dinners, waiters from CPK, and seeing movies), and still those memories are for me. So, now, look over the pictures I took over New Year's and enjoy!