Tuesday, January 11, 2005

If you are seeking sympathy today, please go some place else

(a preface...Jordan if you are reading this...I apologize in advance)

Yesterday I received something in the mail that I have been trying to avoid for years. Well, maybe not years, but at least 5 months since my friend Jordan told me he was getting married. Jordan, my Jordan, the man all my friends in high school and parts of college believed I was going to marry is getting married. The man I can laugh with, cry with, who has seen me at my best and worst, a cuddle buddy in college, the man who taught me how to swing dance and trust me, I've seen him through some interesting situations too, is now getting married in 66 days.

I was slightly devastated last night when I pulled the inner envelope out and realized this is a reality (a place I don't tend to live). The website is beautiful, the wedding itself will be a blast, the decision now needs to be made if I should go. I'm taking suggestions...and contriubtions if I do go.

So, if you are coming to me today to seek sympathy...Go some place else...

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Kristenanne said...

I went through this. Except it hit me harder the day My nathan told me he was engaged. But, the kicker was that I was asked to sing in their wedding. Oh megs, I understand the place you are at and how funny that last night you were like, all sympathetic to me even though you had no idea what was going on and I had no idea that you had no sympathy in you. BUT, guess what? you did. THanks for the look of sympathy you provided last night and for giving me grace with lunch today. um, yeah...I do have a suggestion somewhere here in this comment. GO. It was good for my reality and my heart in letting go. I also recommend visiting the couple like two years later at their home. EVEN BETTER! There may be a hint of sarcasm in this suggestion, but honestly I believe in it. And I would love to help...where you going? ROAD TRIP ANYONE?