Saturday, May 22, 2010

An update to my goals

Let's review what my goals were:
1. Lose 30 pounds by my 30th Birthday.
2. Live within a budget for 12 months
3. Go on a vacation
4. Read at least 1 book a month
5. Take a class on a new skill
6. For 1 month put laundry away right away after they are washed and folded
7. Pick up a new sport (I'm considering tennis)
8. Turn off the tv for a month grade
9. Schedule a trip with my best friend (perhaps 3 and 9 can go together)
10. Climb a 14'ner next summer
11. Finally get my tattoo
12. Come to realize that where I thought I would be when I turned 30 and where I am is okay and where am I suppose to be

Goals I have completed:
Number 3 (I leave for California next week)
Number 4 (I'm a reading machine!)
Number 5 (Knitting is so fun!)
Number 6 (Trust me, if you aren't doing this already, START! It's a life saver)
Number 7 (Tennis lessons start June 7)
Number 9 (We are staying overnight in Los Angeles after the Flight of the Conchords concert)

50%! Can you believe it?! I don't think I've ever been this motivated to accomplish my goals. I've already added another one to the list (you'll learn about it soon, I promise). Here's the crazy thing: I fully believe that I will accomplish this entire list before the year is over. I believe that everything is completely doable. And I've already started working on my list for 31. And the first thing on it is a doozy.

I feel very proud of myself and I can't wait to see how the rest of them go.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Remeber that time I took dating on with a vengance...

Thanks to the dating optimist, I've gotten some help with what I want in a relationship. You can read about it here:

This is like my own version of being famous!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

grabbing life, well, by the balls

In recent days, I've been depressed. In light of ending things with the guy I was seeing for the last 6 months (which, I guess, was a good thing), I fell back into a state of what's the point. But within the last few days, I've decided to become proactive on my life. I had begun to feel complacent and angry and bitter. I don't like feeling any of those things, so I've decided to take charge.

I started knitting lessons. Yes, knitting. My inner-grandmother loves it. And in reality, I love it too. It calms my mind and allows me to just be. Just being is something I struggle with. I constantly need to be doing something. Knitting helps remind me to breathe and drop my shoulders.

The other thing I've done is signed up for a tennis league. I played in high school (a random fact you all might not know about me) but I haven't picked up a racquet since then. But I've wanted to relearn. I live across the street to 6 courts and I'm jealous of those people playing. Plus, I want to become more active and meet more people (and by people, I mean cute boys). This league gives lessons and then you play doubles. It seems ideal. So, come Monday nights, I'll be playing.

I've also signed up for a beer and cheese tasting. Two things I love: beer and cheese.

I've gotten to the point where I don't care if others join me. I want to do what I want to do. I want to not look back and be regretful that I haven't more things.

So, here goes nothing. Actually, here's to grabbing life by the balls.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I can't believe I'm confessing to this

On Sunday afternoon, I sat at lunch with 7 girlfriends. One mentioned she had tried out a church in her neighborhood for when her mom came into town for Mother's Day.

Immediately, the pangs in my soul struck. It's no lie that I don't go to church any more. The last time I was in a church was for a friend's wedding in September. And technically, that doesn't count. So, the last time I actually went to a service was when my best friend was in town over a year ago. It's just not a part of my life. And after my experience, I don't know when I'll feel comfortable going again. The thought alone just doesn't excite me.

She mentioned how caring this place seemed, how warm and welcoming it was. She spoke about how she felt comfortable she was and how she was excited to go back.

Warmth. Loving. Community-centered. These are things I had hoped to find in a church. These are things I've always loved about the Church. And for a split second, I almost missed the Church. I missed the body I knew to be in Axis and Summit. I missed the hope I had in Radius and what I saw in Jacob's Well. I thought about my small group back at Willow and the love, support, strength I received from it and my soul missed that aspect of the Church.

My faith has changed so much in the last 5 years. I think the pastor I was when I started at Willow and who I am today wouldn't recognize each other. I have grace for where I am and am okay with what I stand for. And for a split second, I realized I missed what I knew the Church could be. However, it was like a breath. I missed it and then it was done. Because I know community can be outside of the church. And what I have right now, the community I have, I wouldn't trade for the world.