Monday, July 21, 2008

"That could have been a really difficult conversation"

On Saturday, in the 99 degree weather, Christen and I went to the Mile High Music Festival to see some great bands, enjoy the great weather and do some great people watching.

I watched the following bands:
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)
Steve Winwood (this is only because part of the Tom Petty concert became a Steve Winwood concert)
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers
Citizen Cope
Lupe Fiasco
Gavin Degraw
Josh Ritter
Newton Faulkner (where I saw Ingrid)
Eric Hutchinson

And I'll be honest, I now love Spoon. I plan on seeing them the next time they are in Denver. They are totally worth it. It was also hilarious that they interrupted their concert to help the audience member looking for shrooms.

Christen and I beat the heat by lounging in the shade tents, enjoying the bands and the day. We had a great discussion about pepperoni, and that we wouldn't murder each other. We also found out that Steve is the greatest person ever.

The day could have been ruined by awkward run-ins, arguments, and in general horrible vibes, but it was a great way to spend the Saturday vibe free and not being around people who would have been a bust on the entire day.

It was worth it...every penny and I hope it's back next year. I'd go to both days next year.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My moment of greatness...and I froze

Working downtown provides me with entertainment on a daily basis. I've gotten pretty good at identifying the truly homeless from the posers who want to appear homeless. The investment bankers from the high-end real estate agents. And then, there's the occasional celebrity.

Sure, I've seen the Mayor (at the local bookstore, and he was behind me. Thankfully, I was asking for a smart book) and the Governor (he said good morning to me as I was walking to get Starbucks). But last night, it was a real celebrity.

This guy walked into Starbucks and he had this look like a rock star. He heard my coworker and I discussing concerts and so I asked where he was playing. He didn't answer. He took his bottle of water and left. About a minute later, he walked back in. This time we really got after him. I asked again where he was playing and he said Red Rocks. I asked what band he was in and he said I would have to go home and google it. I asked again and he said Stone Temple Pilots.

This is the point where I could have asked every legitimate question in the book but here are the two questions I asked:
1) Is Scott on tour? His answer yes...
2) Is Scott sober?

Is. Scott. Sober. That's the brilliant question I asked. Not what's it like to play Red Rocks? What it's like to be on tour for ages with a great band? Can I have free tickets? And a backstage pass?

Ugh...Hopefully, when I meet Adam Duritz in September, I won't freeze and will be able to ask him the real questions.

By the way, it was Dean DeLeo, the Stone Temple Pilot's lead guitarist, I met last night.