Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a rant to the fashion world

Dear people who create in the fashion world,
While I am sure all the stick thin people of the world, who have no hips, no boobs, no curves on their bodies love t-shirts that could equal as dresses and the shortest shorts in the world, the rest of the general population hate it.

I am included in the population that hates it.

I realize that I have hips (which I love) and boobs (which, according to Sara, are some of best features). I also realize that I have a short torso and longer legs. The whole shirt/dress feature does not work for me. I am also a person who loves linen pants, pants in general, pants that come to the floor, that fray slightly after a couple of wears because they are too long. Why the hell aren't stores carrying normal shirts and pants?

Please fix this and fix it soon...I'm tried of not being able to shop at stores.

Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is that you?

A while ago, I had perhaps the nicest comment I've ever had on my blog.

I don't know if it's the same person who left the latest anonymous comment, but I hope so...because it was so nice.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why June 13, 14, & 15 hold significance for me

I realized recently that the middle of June holds greater significance then I ever knew.

5 years ago on June 13, I walked into a stranger's house not knowing what to expect. I chose a seat near the windows, and 2 people sat down next to me. Little did I know that these people would change my life forever. David and Sara Worley have not only become dear, dear friends, they have become family members I can't imagine my life without. Constantly they invite me into their lives, their daughter's life, their house...5 years ago, I sat down next to 2 of the greatest people in the world and forever changed my view of what love looked like.

2 years ago on June 15, I pulled into a new town filled with expectation and hope. I slept in a new bedroom, in a new apartment that would simply become home. I had so many desires for what this town would hold, could hold, should hold. However, those desires, dreams, whatever you want to call them, were shattered within the first weekend. Pain that I've never experienced before, betrayal I thought would never happen, lies that surmounted all truth entered into Denver and then changed my view. While I've stayed and slowly true friends like Jared, David, and Sara have shone through, Denver's not the place I expected, yet found a new level stability for me to stand on.

1 year ago on June 14, I pulled into a driveway of an office building not knowing what the next hour would hold. I made the choice about 2 weeks earlier that I needed someone outside of my life to prove to me that I wasn't crazy. That what was happening (people manipulating me, saying one thing and doing something else) was truly happening and I wasn't imagining it. Thankfully, 1 year ago on June 14 I met my therapist, Mark, who changed my life. He was amazing then and is amazing now...

3 totally different dates, multiple years, however 3 significant days in my life. Perhaps good things do in 3's...I'm forever grateful to each one because they shaped me differently. As for these 3 days this year, who knows, but I'm open to the possibility of change.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the edge of possibility

Recently, I've been rediscovering what the edge of possibility looks like. In potential new friends, late night conversations, in work...yes, even in work. And while I want new things to blossom, I need to remember to take it slow because I have no idea how everything will pan out.

What's amazing to me is that I leave for Kenya in 25 days. In 25 days, I'll be flying across the Atlantic to discover a land that I know nothing about but have only seen in pictures. In 25 days, I'll open myself up to 8 new people who know nothing about me but together we are going to discover new parts of who we are.

But between now and then, I've got things I need to do. Life doesn't stop on the edge of possibility.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh, and...

I got picked for jury duty 9 days before I leave for Kenya...I really hope I can get out of it...I really don't need to be on jury duty.

the week in review

Last Saturday, I flew to Washington DC to visit my best friend and her family. They have been living in Virgina while her husband finished up FBI training (I know, I still think it's cool and dangerous every time I think about it).

However getting there was a story in and of itself. I missed my flight on Saturday morning, and so I didn't get into DC until 11:00 pm that night. I had one full day with them, and while it was shorter than I would have hoped or liked, it still did so much good for my soul because I loved being with them.

Once I got back I had a busy week between work and family dinners. We celebrated individual accomplishments and just enjoyed each others company. I had an event that lasted all day on Thursday which made me exhausted.

Thursday night, I went to see Wicked with a co-worker. Well, it was suppose to be Thursday, but the tickets were actually for Tuesday night. Thanks to great customer service, we were able to see the show. I really do love that musical.

On Friday night, I went to see Mason Jennings with my friend Christen and her friend Beth up in Boulder. After enjoying some Illegal Pete's (mmm...Illegal Pete's), we went to the show. It was so packed, but we had met one of the security guys at Pete's so we convinced him to let us upstairs to the VIP lounge. Once we got up there, not only was the view good, it was much cooler. Unfortunately, the show wasn't all that great.

After leaving the show, we decided to track down Jon Benet Ramsey's house because, well it's Boulder and who hasn't wondered where it is. After finding it and being scared out of our mind, we drove back home.

All in all, it was a good week. I spent today cleaning my house and taking a nap, which means tomorrow I get to go shoe shopping. I needed this weekend to recover from this week.

Oh, and I leave for Kenya in 32 days...yeah, I freak out every time I think about it too.