Tuesday, January 25, 2005

so, intensive life is happening...

meet my friend Vicki
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Let me back up first. This time last year, I came to intensives and it was a hard period in my life...very lonely, was in a good spot in with my community at Summit and I wasn't excited to go to Bethel. When I came back from intensives, I realized that my entire community at Summit had changed. And it hurt...bad. So, Vicki and I had needed to meet and start hanging out, one because we were now in the same circle of friends, but also because she seemed like a cool person...so that was a year ago. She's great...you should get to know her...

Six months ago, I started this blog while I was in intensive mood. And I feel like it has been a good 6 months. Take some time and review the past blogs. You might see something you've missed before.

And now I'm here. Class is going...I'm currently listening to someone talk about the Baptist General Conference. I'm hoping to work on my Statement of Faith this afternoon (I NEED TO) and still make time for assignments and of course community. Hopefully some new pictures will be up soon...check back later in the week!

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