Monday, January 03, 2005

An ode to the month past

the blow-out of the year
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friends, can you believe it? It's 2005! Do you know what that means? It means that in March I will be 25 years old...It means that in May it will be three years since I left Manhattan (Kansas) and move to Chicago...and it means that in June (the 11th to be exact), I will graduate with my master's and be done with my internship. How weird is that?!

So, you are probably curious to know about Kansas City, my Christmas, all the details that come with traveling home for the holidays...Well, suffice it to say, it was an okay time home, and I'm glad to be back. I hit that wall eventually and was like if I don't get home to Chicago, I'm going to scream!! I got to hang out with some great friends, go to church where I don't know anyone anymore, and simply be with my best friend. Kansas City was nice and I had some good conversations with people, but I realized that the trip home was definitely the last time I would be home for that long of a period, nor would I be living in KC any time soon.

It was hectic getting to KC (driving myself to the airport) and hectic getting back (stupid O'Hare and your stupid delays). I got back just in time to enjoy New Year's with good friends and my pseudo roommates and then I got to enjoy my friend Kristen's work party (thank you Emmett's). And now I'm back to work.

It weird to be back, I almost feel like I have nothing to do...which isn't true, I have tons to do. We have ministry Friday night. Attendance from our last meeting still needs to be done. School starts next week ($100 later for books) and so for now, I'm just enjoying the non-stress work environment and playing with my iPod.

There are so many things I want to say, and yet I can't type the words fast enough to let you in on the past month of my life. There are blogs that should have been written (the appropriate use of Christmas lights), things to share with you (randomness that consist of annual dinners, waiters from CPK, and seeing movies), and still those memories are for me. So, now, look over the pictures I took over New Year's and enjoy!

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