Friday, January 28, 2005

The range of emotions I am feeling today is a both and

So today is one of the best and saddest day in my life...for many reasons.

1. My grandmother is in the hospital. She may have had a stroke yesterday, so my dad is in New Orleans while she is getting tested to see what's sad.

2. My favorite pair of khakis now have the world largest hole in them and I'm in class. Thankfully, my roommate at seminary just went back to the hotel and I asked her to pick up my jeans for me. So in about an hour, I will be throwing away these sad.

3. I am officially turning in my statement of faith in 3 minutes. Praise the Lord!! It is done!! Celebration tonight at Old Chicago will begin at 6 happy!

4. I'm going to burrito loco on happy!!

Until Monday friends...enjoy your weekend!

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