Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not just big, but big news

Sunsets in the Mountains

Friends, I have made a decision regarding my future. Some of you know this, some of you will be in denial about it, some of you will begin to become passive aggressive with (you know who you are).

I have loved being in Chicago. This has been an amazing thing for me to do, to accomplish, to be a part of. I have loved Summit, Axis, even Elevate...but God has released me from Chicago. I knew a while ago (maybe since February) that I wasn't probably going to stay in Chicago after I graduated, but wanted to listen to God to make sure. I prayed about what I would do, where I would go, who I would be around. I pursued some options, Young Life, a job in resume was on sites that I would want to be affiliated with. I then went on my trip to Denver. And I loved it. I loved the people, I love the church, I loved it. Granted, the entire weekend I wrestled with God and cried and asked the tough questions...believe me, this wasn't a rash decision. I sat with Nick, I sat with my small group, I sat with Sheryl, I sat with my best friend, I've consulted lots of people, and finally after about a month, I'm ready to tell the world.

On June 15th, I'm moving to Denver! I can't wait! I'll be flying out in May to find a place to live (downtown) and after graduation, I'll be packing up and starting my first career (if I can find a job) using both my undergrad and my master's. It should be interesting, it should be an adventure, and I know there will be mornings when I'll wake up, look over the city, see the mountains and think to myself, "what the hell did I just do?"

I know many of you will be shocked and surprised by this idea. And some of you will want some one on one time, which I will try to accommodate in my very busy schedule. I'm hoping to do a farewell party in June some time, so watch for the evite on that. But I'm open to hearing your suggestions, thoughts, concerns and would appreciate any prayers as I make this new transition in my life.


Scrounger said...

I am so excited ! Can I get some one on one time? Ok well I guess it can wait till you get here and are settled. When you want to start learning Italian? I just picked up my second fully Italian cookbook and stoked. YEAH YEAH YEAH

Anonymous said...

wow! that is a shocker but i am super excited for you! you are an adventurous gal. i can't wait to hear more about it! *vanessa