Thursday, April 07, 2005


For me, getting stuff done and done well is big. Not just big but big. Becoming the second person in my family to graduate from college, and the second with my Master's is big. I've hiked the Continental Divide in high school. I've traveled through London by myself. But today, I feel like a new accomplishment needs to be recorded.

I own two belts (not including the multiple scarves I use as belts). One is brown and needs to be retired, and a black one that has rarely been used because at one point, it began to cut off my circulation on my lower half. Typically, I only wear the brown one, even if my shoes are black, simply because it allows me to breathe. Last night as I was grabbing clothes to wear today after boot camp, I decided that I would take the risk and throw in my black belt. This morning after getting ready, I pulled on my jeans and they felt looser...BIG. Then I braved the belt. I threaded it through the loops and realized I was holding my breath. And then I locked it into place and realized it no longer cut off my circulation. BIG!!! So, to the trainer that continuously kicks my tail every morning, Monday through Friday at 9 am...I thank you!


Scrounger said...

Thanks for sharing once again.
I am posting a comment so that you can see that I also have a blog and will test my hand at this.

Sweetpea said...

Covington Katie here,
That's just so awesome... I totally celebrate that with you.