Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm trying, I really am, to write my first reading report for my last class. And while I have one section almost done, it is killing me to be working. So, I decided to wander around the web, trying to waste time from my class and using up a new free wireless place (the library, but it's too damn quiet, so next time I need to bring my headphones).

I began to think about what my future holds, where I will be in 9 weeks (I know, I can't believe it either). I thought about trips I would want to take if I had all the money in the world; songs I would want to download; the weather outside; everything you could think of. And then one thought stuck...what if I didn't have the major I had in college, would I be in this place today? What if I had the balls in college to go for a major in interior design and gone somewhere exotic to get my masters? What if during my freshman year of judgment from the Christians I knew I really had transferred to UNLV or Arizona State? What if I had gone through with rush and had become a sorority girl? Where would my life be now? I know that I shouldn't think about this stuff, but it's true...Where would I be now?

Even now, I think about things I want to do and grow in, but I never move forward on. I've always wanted to learn Italian, study photography, become a better chef, but I continuously sit on my rear and do nothing about it. So, as I sit here, continuing in my process of procrastination, I'll continue to surf the web and pimp the internet...and think about the what if's of my life.

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Scrounger said...

Umm.. Well the "I wish I had balls" comment was a bit thowing for me, but I get it. I do spend much of my time thinking similar thoughts and musings of what the future could have held, what could I have changed to make it all more exciting? It does do one thing though, make me go after the new experiences and things that I want to learn. It is so fun to take on new things like blogging and parenting a new dog and living alone. So I get it, thanks for sharing. By the way if you come to Denver we can tackle the Italian thing together, and maybe you can learn how to make homeade ravioli and some special sauce. .......