Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a weekend (and it's not done yet)

First of all, I need to address something. A while ago, my friend Viv wrote about how she felt like Peter Gallagher because she needed to get her eyebrows waxed (you can read about it here). While I don't feel like Sandy from the OC, I do feel like I am beginning to look like this man:

So, thankfully, I'm going in next weekend, but it's currently driving me insane.

In other news, I had a weekend that I couldn't resist talking about...Friday night I went dancing at the Alumni Club that bears a resemblance to an old favorite from Manhattan once called KJ's (come on all you K-State grads, you know what I am talking about). A great new shirt from Old Navy (who knew they started producing club wear?) and then we were off. At times I felt like I was 20, dancing with a married man (we shamed him later) and meeting two Italian "dancers" and at other times, I realized that I do miss going dancing. I need to do it more often. We got home at 2:30, talked until 3, slept until 7, and drove home.

On Saturday, my plan was to work on LeRon's stuff, and hang out with my bootcamp friends. Well, once I officially got home at 8:30, I took a shower, and laid on the couch...until 11:30 am when I decided that I should go ahead and go lay down in my bed. I took a nap until 2:15!! Well, once I realized that I couldn't bounce back from that kind of nap, I filled up on bad Saturday afternoon TV and got ready for the night with my bootcamp friends. We had dinner and drinks, congratulated the people who graduated and then I went home. Friends, I was in bed by 10:15 pm and asleep by 10:30! I was exhausted.

Today I got up at 9, went to interview a potential volunteer at 10:30, and now I'm getting ready to go to Long Grove with VBT and Kristin. So much for getting school work done. A leader's meeting tonight and Axis later. I have to get work done some point today...or maybe tomorrow. All I know is that I am feeling behind and the class just started!!

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