Friday, April 15, 2005

I cannot concentrate at all!


I really wanted to call in sick and just sit in the sunshine all day long. I was at the laundry mat today (our dryer is broken, and I have anger around that, but haven't really processed it quite yet...though I tried with my mom yesterday and we agreed to disagree) and as I was sitting outside, I wanted to just stay forever...skip ministry and sleep in the sun. But instead I'm stuck inside, under fluorescent lights listening to Stevie Wonder.

I was getting a fountain drink today at Thorntons and realized that I want to write one of those survey things that gets floated around the internet, which asks you questions like "what don't you like about yourself?", but doesn't ask the good questions like "if you had to play a sport in high school (excluding the one you possibly played), what would you pick?". Check back next week for it and then pass it onto all your friends...Let's see if I can be that person!

I'm actually ahead of school work...YES! So, this weekend, I get to enjoy a yoga class, a bbq with princess, and cleaning my room. By the way, my arms are sore from boot camp today...stupid press.

I have to go shopping this weekend...there is a long story about the clothes I am buying, something I'm not ready to tell you all about, but it's necessary to be prepared...

So, get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather and until next week...

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