Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Lesson in Hurry Dating...

So last night, Alethea, Toni, Leah and myself all went to do hurry date. Friends, it was an interesting evening. After failing to properly parallel park (people, I learned how to do it in New the French Quarter...I know what I am doing), and paying $5 to park next to the place, we went in for appetizers. Toni and Alethea were on the nervous side, Leah and I were fine, but the 4 of us had n-othing to talk about...very weird. So, Toni and I order some drinks and then the evening began...

I was by myself for the very first round, but quickly picked up after that. It was interesting to say the least. We had a compulsive liar, a lawyer, and some weird guy who Alethea blurted out to that we all worked for Willow. Thankfully that was the only person she told that to. We bolted as soon as it was done, and once I got home, I entered in the people I would say yes to. Out of 10 guys I met, there was only 5 that could be possibilities and out of the 5, there was only 1 who was a yes to me too. We both love, who knows maybe between now and June 15th I'll have a hot date.

We were given another night of hurry dating for free and I doubt that Leah and Toni would do it again, but Alethea and I might give it another go. Who knows...but for me it was worth it.

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Kristenanne said...

so proud am I.
so jealous am I.
how fun are you?
i have stories to tell too!
wanna do coffee?
ok, great.