Monday, March 28, 2005

The week ahead...

First of all, the Chicago Sun-Times website claims that today's weather is "breakthrough". They honestly have the best description of the weather, so you should check it out some time. It is freaking gorgeous outside today...and tomorrow is suppose to be 70!! Can you believe it?! That's right, spring has finally arrive...PTL!

My first Easter was a success. A spiral cut ham is truly a newbies gift to cooking. Don't believe me? Try it yourself...Thanks to Sara and Dave who brought a casserole and Vivie for bringing the dessert, we had a great time. Next time will be a lot less intimidating.

In other news, I leave Thursday for Denver and I cannot wait. The mountains, the beauty, but no old school Nintendo...which makes me very sad. Speed dating on Wednesday (prepare for a post) and back on Monday. It will be a great weekend to get away.

Class starts in a week...1 week till my last class! HOLY CRAP that's big...not just big, but big. Sara nominated me to speak at graduation and of course, the list of things that would be inappropriate to say has begun...Trust me, you'll know if I get to speak.

So, until Wednesday night after Speed Dating, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather... I know I will be!

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Tiffany said...

Just have to say it will be 88 in Havasu this weekend while we're there!!! Try that on for spring!