Friday, March 04, 2005

True, True

My friend Vanessa reminded me that Kansas City isn't that bad of a city and she's right. Kansas City is a nice, wholesome town, but don't you ever just feel like you've out grown something? I doubt I would have lasted in Manhattan after I graduated. My friend Bri did for a while, but I doubt I would have even lasted as long as she did. For me, I began to out-grow Kansas City during my last spring there and I don't know if I could survive moving back. I realize that sounds so over dramatic, but it would be a hard move back. I've changed in the last three years, and I don't want to fall into the old habits I had prior to me moving here. I'm sure if God called me back to KC, I know I would go and He would raise up a group of people around me that was a loving community...I just know right now, I couldn't go back.

So, anyways...I have survived 1 week of boot camp. Yesterday, as I was recovering from a sudden fever/stuffy nose attack, I could not move. It actually hurt. But I lost three pounds (go me!) so I'm happy. 1 week down, 11 to go. Everything still hurts, but I'm growing more and more appreciative of the guys who run this class because they are working my sorry tail into shape.

I have a busy weekend planned. Laundry and cleaning of my room and bathroom need to be done. TONS of school work (2 more weeks...then I have one class left). A trip to the wine bar on Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday and Axis on Sunday. It should be good...I'm looking forward to relaxing though. I need it....that and a good laugh.

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