Thursday, March 24, 2005

Be yourself and you will always be in fashion.

My internet fortune cookie told me this today...Interesting in light of my desire to be on What Not to Wear.

Today was a pool day in boot camp so I feel like I smell like chlorine, a smell that will not go away until at least Saturday.

It's a weird weekend. No major plans on Friday or Saturday and having friends over on Sunday for Easter lunch. I'm cooking my first ham, so I am slightly nervous. What if for some reason, I do it wrong? Yikes!

In other news about me...well, next Wednesday I'm doing speed dating. My friend Alethea asked me if I wanted to do it and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have fun in the city and have 20 four minutes dates in one night. Trust me, there will be a post following that adventure.

So, until next week...Congrats go out to Vanessa and Glenn on getting married (which is just fun because Van and I have known each other since 2000 and I've known Glenn since he was a freshman in high school) and have a very Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

thanks friend! we've moved the date up to Aug 13. better be in town! *vanessa