Monday, March 07, 2005

Do you even know me??

I got sick last week...random fever, stuffy nose, cough...everyone has had it here in Chicago. Saturday night after my great night in the city, I started to lose my voice. Yesterday it was barely here and by Axis Sunday night, it hurt to talk and swallow. My speech therapist told me not to talk any more...which I ignored over dinner with Viv and Craig.

So, here it is today, and I thought I had gotten it back, but it completely and utterly gone. I love to talk. I love singing with the radio. Tonight, I was suppose to talk to junior high and high school students about security and it's gone! I never lose my voice! This is so wrong. And I'm offering up a reward...If you have seen or heard my true voice in the last 24 hours, please return it....a whole dollar could be coming your way if you find it for me.

I feel bad about not being able to talk tonight...I'm just hoping I get it back by tomorrow...Otherwise, I might actually have to go the doctor...

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