Friday, February 25, 2005

Update on the job front...

okay, here's what I know so far...
I just finished my interviews and now I'm sitting in Panera writing this blog. I feel like the interviews went well. I met with the regional director one on one and with 4 area directors. The regional director did a great job of painting the picture of what type of position I would be best suited for (not an intern, but not quite an area a direct ministry position). I feel like they all went well and when I felt my intensity coming on strong, which can overwhelm some people, I tried to reign it in on some level. I'll know within 2 weeks if they want to continue the process with me in Chicago. If the direct ministry position isn't available in Chicago, they are willing to help me find a position within the organization some place else. So, I'll keep you posted on what I know when I know it! Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers...they were definitely felt!

on a complete side note:
I have a button that is no longer working on my computer for my mouse and it's driving me insane, but the cute boy sitting at the next table in Panera is keeping me distracted from that minor problem. I just hope my computer can stick it out until December...and then I can purchase what I really want.

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