Thursday, February 17, 2005

Army green isn't my color...

Last week, as I was driving to the best place on earth to get some school work done, I had the following conversation on the phone:
phone-hi, is Meghan there?
m-this is Meghan.
p-Hi meghan, this is Paul Howe, I saw your resume on and had a couple of questions for you. Do you have some time?
m-sure, go ahead.

[I'll go ahead and jump to the good part]

p-Well, I have an odd question for you...Have you ever considered being a Chaplin for the military?
interior monologue: HELL NO! There is no way I am going to Iraq.
m-Well, actually I don't think that's in my calling...

The conversation continues on and then I call my friend Cookie to tell her about, which in return she leaves one of the funniest messages fact I have it still saved on my phone. But she said something when we talked later. Cookie said that she would pay to see me go through boot camp. I agreed that it would be a funny site, but that I would be in the best shape of my life.

So, starting on Monday, February 28th, I'm starting boot camp. At my gym, so not at some fort located in the middle of no where Iowa. It's 12 weeks long and I think, no I know that it's going to kick my a$$. And hopefully by May, I'll be looking good, just in time for swimsuit season.

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