Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Please, please, Please!!!

I wish I could talk to you individually and let you know about the process I have been in over the past few months, but the blog will have to do for now.

On Friday, February 25th, I have my first round of interviews at Young Life in Chicago-land. They will start at 1 pm with 3 different 30 minute interviews with multiple people from the Chicago-land staff. Please keep me in your prayers on Friday. I became nervous today (I don't know why...oh wait, maybe because it's my first real job interview). So, who knows where this will lead, who knows where it will end up (Chicago...maybe Denver...maybe some place completely), but I just know that the more people who know about this and will be praying about this will be so important.

I'm going on the Axis Retreat this weekend, so hopefully before I leave I will be able to send another blog to let you know how it goes. Feel free to call after 3 pm on Friday if you want specific details (umm...yes, if you want to reach me, you should know the phone number...I'm crazy, but not crazy enough to post my phone number on the web). Otherwise...keep me in your prayers and good thoughts! Thanks friends!

love you all!

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