Saturday, February 19, 2005

A good week in pop culture

I am a huge fan of pop culture. And I remember the most random things, so it tends to make people question my knowledge. Not in a bad way, but just in a " did you know that type of way?" So, let's review the past week in pop culture.

American Idol picked their 24 final contestants. One has really cute hair. I eventually want hair as cute as hers. I am going to make my top three predictions now. I'm not really good at this, but hey, it's worth the shot (these are in no order):
1. Mikalah Gordon
2. Mario Vazquez
3. Constantine Maroulis
American Idol now goes to three times a week, which means that I will only start watching it on Wednesdays (the night they announce who will be going on). The other two nights, I will have to rely on the witty remarks of these fools.

On the OC this week, we continue our saga with Sandy and Kirsten and the past. Damn you past...why don't you just leave us alone. Now they won't even eat Chinese food because of you. If you watch it careful, you realized there were two of my favorite things advertised in the show...The Best Week Ever and 2 Buck Chuck. Thank you OC for pushing these two things into America's hands.

On a rerun of Friends, we see how the girls win back the apartment...
On ER, I couldn't watch it because it dealt with a made me think of my grammy...I miss her.

Scrubs this week was a genius episode. Seriously, are you still not watching? That's sad. No worries though, the first season comes out on DVD on May 17th. Get it.

And currently, I look like Ashlee Simpson. I have cute choppy hair which is now a deep chocolate brown. I like it.

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