Thursday, February 03, 2005

Shopping around...

I've wanted a tattoo since 1998. I originally thought I would get (brace yourself) Kermit the Frog with my sorority letters. I wasn't part of a sorority in college and now realize that both Kermit the Frog and sorority letters would have been a bad choice. Then I wanted something that screamed Christian and now realize that too would have been a bad choice. And I feel like now I have settled on something.

I want something to remind me of the transformation I have seen in my own life over the past three years. I want something that reminds me of the name that I felt the Trinity call me on a daily basis. I want something that I know is me, something I have come into full with, something that I identify with and no longer run from.

So, I think for graduation I'm going to get one. On my foot, under my flip flop line...a permanent reminder of my new name received from the Trinity.

My Beloved Hebrew...

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