Thursday, February 24, 2005

Common Courtesy

I was raised in the south. I am not a debutante, I am just a normal almost 25 year old who understands that when you receive a present, you send a thank you note and you say please and thank you. Now, I was raised with a few things my friends never were raised with. First of all, I still have to say ma'am and sir. I still try to say please and thank you. I appreciate when a man opens the door or pulls out my seat for me. Up until December, I still called adults by Mr. and Mrs. and their last names. And of course there were things I learned that were crazy, like the fact that I was taught children are seen, not heard and that I knew how to have a conversation with a 40 year old because I often went to my dad's office parties. People often why I'm so mature...I assume that has something to do with it. I still believe that you shouldn't talk on your cell phone on an airplane, that you don't talk during a movie, and you clip your toe nails in a private room.

So, today, as I sit in the place where I pimp the internet, I am frustrated out of my mind by the boy playing behind me. He has some type of top that he has to pull a string to get it to spin. And he keeps spinning again and again. No one is watching him, no one is asking him to stop, so it keeps hitting the tile floor and driving me insane. Do parents not teach their children common courtesy any more? That perhaps this isn't the right place to keep using the top and maybe the mom should be paying more attention to the kid not her latte and newspaper. Maybe the south has it right in the aspect of common courtesy and teaching about respect in public places.

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