Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ultimate Birthday #2

2002- 22nd Birthday

Having a birthday that typically falls in the middle of March, means only one thing. Spring Break typically falls before, after or during the blessed celebration time.

Don't get me wrong, I've spent some great birthdays in some great places. In high school, I was skiing for 3 years in a row. In college, one year was spent on the sandy beautiful beaches of Nassau, where I loved it.

However, the best birthday I had in college had to have been the trip to London I took with my friend Cara. We had a free place to stay. We went to see the Lion King for 10 pounds, Les Mis, and Gisselle. We actually saw Oceans 11 there too. I sat in a wonderful Starbucks, I went to beautiful museums and had a great time discovering mini rolos (mmm...mini rolos).

The beauty of this birthday was the fact that I realized how much I loved London. I do believe to my toes that I will live there one day. The beauty of their culture, the mix of people, the active life...I love it all. Except for the teeth...I don't like the teeth.

The other beauty of this birthday was the fact that it was damn cheap. Going overseas, for a week and spending only about $700 (total) is amazing and I still look for that deal to this day.

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