Thursday, March 16, 2006

I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger

While it is amazing that the Beatles released "Can't Buy Me Love" today and the fact that the first liquid-fueled rocket was launched and the "Scarlet Letter" was published today in history, nothing compares to the fact that today I was born.

Yes, today is my birthday. A whopping 26...there are times when I can't believe that. When I think that I'm more suited to be in college or even high school, and not living independently in Denver, working 8-5, and considering purchasing a house.

So, what do I expect from my birthday, the same thing I expect every year that the next year will continue to transform me in becoming fully more of who the Trinity created me to be. That my relationships will go to new levels, that new relationships will be formed and surprise me, that I will cry hard, laugh harder, and smile more.

The beauty of a birthday, I believe, is a time for reflection.

What am I grateful for? Well, fun times with Beth Anne at Liks last night. My friends here. My friends across the country. The sun and cloudless sky in Denver today. My health.

What do I want to grow in? My love of the Trinity. My trust in the Trinity. My love for my friends. My risk taking.

What do I want to change? My perspective on life. My use of defense mechanism. My anger. My contempt. My shame.

So here's to a great 26th year. May it be full of surprises.

And of course, to us partying like rockstars this weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

so beautiful you are megs! to a year of intesification of our knowing & loving of each other!



vbt said...

but sweetie, to do then now would be retro. to do then then is nowtro.