Monday, March 13, 2006


Since I only have 3 days left till my birthday (by the way, you can still buy me something), I've decided to take you on a trip down memory lane of my favorite birthdays to date.

#3 Best Birthday of all time:

2001- 21st Birthday.

My friend Kelly and I share the same birthday week, so for our 21st birthday, we decided to celebrate it together. We started off at some bar in Brookside, where our friends were buying us drinks. I was doing really well, holding my liquor (why wouldn't I?). We were having fun, but decided to go to Have A Nice Day Cafe so we could dance. Becky and I bought a fish bowl, and I believe that I finished most of that off on my own. Here's where my birthday party goes from good to bad.

Jason, who use to be my Young Life leader, decided to buy us shots of jager and I remember sitting on the toilet in Have a Nice Day, trying to cool off. We then proceeded to another place where I drank an amaretto sour with my head on the table and the drink under the table.

So, why would this be an ultimate birthday? Because it's the birthday that every 21 year old dreams of. A majority of 21 year olds want a drunken night of dancing and laughing and that's what I got. I still look at with fond memories. Plus, it was one of the last birthdays I spent with Kelly, and I love that girl.

Tomorrow-Ultimate Birthday #2 2002, London

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