Monday, March 06, 2006

It's hard to deny when it's on international tv

A few months ago, Nick and Jeff decided that it would be appropriate to bring back the phrase "to the max". While I appreciate many of the things that Radius has taught me (cheeve, Iowa football, Denver) I was against "to the max". Who would honestly use it? Why would it be deemed appropriate to use in a setting? Of course their energy towards it only made me push back harder. And then Beth Anne started using it, and that was just funny but it still didn't make me want to use it.

However, last night on the Oscars, right after Jennifer Gardner almost fell on international tv, she said the phrase I've been the max. Of course, everyone went crazy, I laughed so hard I started crying and now I know it's going to catch on. I can't deny it any longer (and no offense to Tsinia, but a store name does not make something appropriate to say).

So officially, I will begin to embrace "to the max". This does not mean that I will begin using it, I just won't create a petition to stop it.

By the way, I thought the Oscars were awesome last night. Great job Jon Stewart! It was the max. ;o)


Maria said...

oh megs - I think that was my favorite moment of the whole night...I have a great pic of you laughing...I'll send it your way once I get it off the camera.

vbt said...

oh, to the max...

is it appropriate to say "i heart jon stewart to the max!"?

Nick said...

As the co-founder of the 'To-The-Max Revival Movement,' I want to say thank you to the Academy and specifically Jennifer Garner for their obvious choice of such a stellar and completely revolutionary phrase. It made the Oscars awesome to the max. And though, Megs, you have been resistant to the max, I'm not sure you can mess with the Aacademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or someone married to Ben Affleck. To VBT - of course it is appropriate to say that you heart Jon Stewart to the max. In fact it would be hard to believe that there would be any other way to say it. And so the movement continues... and one day, one sweet day, we will find this revival taking hold worldwide - to the max.