Friday, January 20, 2006

a very random post...

So, I realized many things today as I drove into work this morning...

1. I had to scrape my car off this morning. In a skirt. In heels. In hose. I realized how blessed I was living in Chicago and had a garage to park my car. And in that moment, I wished for both a garage and a boy that would know how much it would speak love to me if I didn't have to scrape my car in the mornings.

2. The people in this town are nuts. My friend Maria posted this on her blog yesterday. It's just a team people...CHILL OUT!

3. That I love Ryan Adams. I have about 6 of his CDs on my iPod and every single one of them I love. It is on my list of things to do this year...see Ryan in concert.

4. That's I'm really excited to go skiing this weekend. To spend time with Jenny and Wendy, in the mountains, to fun.

5. The fact that today will be slow and I appreciate that. Maybe I can get some work done finally.

6. That next weekend, I'll be at a retreat with my community. We may not be perfect, but at least we are trying to figure out and that it frustrates me that people aren't willing to accept it where we are at and their anger and contempt are clouding their view on what is happening to our community. That I'm really excited about the worship experience that we have created. That I'm even more excited for our April Retreat (person anonymous, perhaps you should join us).

Otherwise, it's beautiful outside, nice and sunny with snow stuck everywhere. I'm just grateful today, and that my friends is beautiful in its self.

by the way, it takes me 10 minutes to drive to work.

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Anonymous said...

The reason I remain "anonymous" is because I have been excluded from your community. I would not be welcome at your retreat. I have not been excluded by you personally - and so I read your blog in hopes to discover how your community is all about love. Because I have been actively unloved by the leadership core. I read in hopes of figuring out why. I don't hate radius...I just don't understand how a community who claims to be all about love could have treated me the way they did. I read in hopes of discovering God at work in the midst of a very painful memory. I know of others who feel as I do as well...and maybe that is who you are referring to in this post. I don't know because I don't tell people how I feel. I just hear things.
You don't have to respond. But since you now talk about me on your site I thought I would.