Monday, January 09, 2006

a comment on comments

The beauty of my blog is that hardly anyone reads it. I, unlike dooce, will never get to a point where people say mean and hurtful things on my blog...I'm just not that cool.

I'm often tempted to remove the anonymous comments from my blog because if you aren't ballsy enough to put your name with your comment then there is no reason for me to respond to it. However, on my last post, someone put a comment that was worth responding to. This person knows I'm a part of Radius, so I guess I better fill in some of the gaps.

Centering down in the Trinity...what a complex question, with a simple answer. Part of my growth over the last 3 years was understanding my place in the Trinity (Father God, Jesus Son, Holy Spirit). My place in the Trinity is at the center, where I am loved, cherished and nurtured into who the Trinity created me to be. When I begin to swirl, believe the lies that run through my head and feel out of sorts, I realize that I am out of the Trinity and need to get back. Centering down means reclaiming my belovedness and believing that to my core.

So Person Anonymous, does that help?

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Anonymous said...

It absolutely helps. I did not mean to be mean. I really wanted to know what it meant. And reading many radius people's blogs - they are difficult to understand because you use words only fellow radius people understand.
Thank you for clarifying. I hope you are able to find a place where you feel loved again soon.