Friday, January 13, 2006

Let that Grandma Out!

After class night (class is what we Radius people call church, well at least part of our church. Church happens every day, in every moment...through small groups, through one-on-one's, through class...) Jim, Sheralee, and myself wandered down to Wendy's.

A) I was starving. I had gone straight to a meeting after work yesterday and had no space for dinner.
2) I broke a chair right when class was starting and thankfully no ego was hurt. Now, the 100 year old chair that David put aside last week because he noticed it was weak, that's a different story.

Anyways, I got dinner, Jim got dinner, Sheralee got a Diet and fries. We sat down to eat and this is what we heard...

"I just don't like the writing on these cups. It's just obnoxious. Why do they have to put it on there? Couldn't they do it like they use to and leave the writing off?"

I looked at Jim, Jim looked at me, and we broke out laughing. And I commented to Sheralee that her inner grandma was breaking out.

I agree, the obnoxious writing on the cup is a little over the top, but I was next expecting Sheralee to say "back in my day, we had to drink out of our hands and walk up hill, both ways in the snow, barefoot."

Ahh...the inner-grandparent strikes again!!

1 comment:

Grandma said...

Well, little sweetie, I STILL think they are obnoxious:

- off to find my dentures ...