Tuesday, January 17, 2006

some times, it just happens

Saturday night was crazy. A good crazy, but crazy none the less. The stories I could share simply involve me, Maria, Sheralee, Vivie, and Jim at Mynt.

These stories involve dancing, a British man, screaming out the window of Jim's car, and a scarf. It also involves an email to Brian (which wasn't sent...thank you Jim and Vivie for talking some sense into me) and a text to Kairi (that I don't remember typing).

All I have to say is that it was so good for my soul.

And I still blame it on the British man...

Thanks to everyone for making it such a good, but crazy night.

1 comment:

Bri said...

megs, you can't give vague details like that and leave me guessing. i except either a fulltext blog or phone date with you soon.