Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So, when I was 15, I worked at a sporting good store in Kansas City. This store had three branches, one in Overland Park, one in Olathe and one in Libertyville. So, I had been talking to this associate at the Olathe store and we started dating (he was 19...yeah, yeah, I know). But let's be honest, I picked him up over the phone.

Then many years later (10 to be exact) I moved to Denver. And I did it again. I picked up some random guy over the phone. He sounded young (he is), he sounded nice (he was) so we went for drink. Now, the day we went out was the day before I had to leave for my grandmother's funeral. Bad circumstances. He said he would call...never did. What's worse is that I have to talk to him still on the phone because his company and mine work together. In fact when he walked in today, I could feel myself blushing. I didn't expect to see him today...suck! Today has been so random...it's only getting worse.

On a side note, the radio station our office listens to is currently playing "I Believe I Can Fly" by R.Kelly, which was, that's right, our senior class song. Class of '98 rules!!

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