Friday, January 06, 2006

For you to enjoy a good laugh...

My friend Maria sent this to me to enjoy. Please enjoy a free laugh on her behalf (by the way, I did ask for permission before posting...I'm trying to change)

Why Meghan - why do the wierdos always find me?

Below I would like to share with you some very strange interaction I had last night while I was working. I would like to say that interactions like these are rare, but alas, they're not!

Act I: Pre-show Scene: Maria is welcoming people to the event, her post is near the bathroom and she notices a man walk out of the restroom carrying two glasses of what she hopes is white wine.

Man: (walks up to Maria) Where do I drop the urine samples?
Maria: (disgustedly) I'm not sure - perhaps you can check with someone inside.

Act II: Post-show Scene: Maria is posted near doors to answer questions as people leave. The lobby is small, it's cold outside, and she's shivering. Man from before approaches and hovers.

Man: I'm not stalking you, I'm just waiting for a ride.
Maria: Oh sure - you know this isn't a road out here.
Man: Laughs. You know - all the ensembles tonight were great, but yours is the best.
Maria: (a bit confused - assumes he's talking about the ensembles) Thanks, we all think so too. Man: No - I mean you.
Maria: (surprised) Oh - thank you.

some other unimportant small talk ensues - revolving I believe around Denver.

Man: I'm from Boulder.
Maria: Oh - I'm new to the area, just arrived from Michigan.
Man: [says something here about it being cold there]
Maria: It's certainly been nice to see the sun almost every day!
Man: And when it gets cold like this it's really not so bad.
Maria: Yeah - I mean if I had a coat I really wouldn't be cold at all right now.
Man: Or, if you were wearing a bra.
Maria: (disgustingly) Alright.

If I wasn't wearing a damn name tag and working on behalf of the **** I hope I would have had something very rude to say back to him. When I left he said he hoped he would see me around. I did reply that I didn't think the chances were good.

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vbt said...

what the crap??!?!?!

how was lacrosse?