Sunday, November 04, 2007

What I realized today

So, I'm currently on the search for a new winter coat. And I think I've found the one I want, but I've decided to keep looking...just in case. (Side note, the coat I really wanted was at Nordstrom last year and I'm kicking myself for not buying it.)

Anyways, while I was at the mall, I stepped into Old Navy. I use to love Old Navy. In fact, I would say at one point, I only bought my clothes from Old Navy.

But today, as I stepped into the store, I realized that I no longer want to buy clothes from Old Navy.

I think I've out grown Old Navy. I have no idea where I will now shop for casual clothes, but I'm sure I can find places.

However, no matter what, Old Navy will be my place for pajamas no matter how old I get.

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