Saturday, November 03, 2007

my lunch experience on Friday

Here's what I am realizing...Friday's should not be for working. Friday's should be for the weekend.

Yesterday started off like a typical Friday. I went to get Starbucks and then sat down at my desk to do some actual work.

Finally, after putting out some fires with the other offices, I went to lunch with my co-worker. We got onto the free ride to go to the Gap because, well, I needed a new shirt to wear out that night. About 2 stops in, a homeless woman gets on and proceeds to ask two other people if they are homeless and what their drug of choice is...and then she tells everyone that her drug of choice is meth.

After buying a new shirt, we realize that there is a new bakery right below the Gap. We stop in because our company is looking for a new place to buy fluffy cake for birthday celebrations. This place not only will have our business, but they gave us FREE CUPCAKES!

We got back on the free ride and headed back towards the office. We each grabbed lunch and enjoyed the fall day Denver gave us.

Seriously, it was the craziest lunch experience I've had in a long time.

And yes, the cupcake was amazing.

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