Saturday, November 10, 2007

La Traviata

Last night, my friend Christen and I went to enjoy a little bit of culture in Denver. We enjoyed a great dinner and then to see La Traviata.

It was last night that I fell in love with the opera.

I had seen an opera about a year ago and just couldn't get into it. It probably had to do with the group I was with, but for me, there was no connection.

Last night, I was swept up in the scenery, the costumes, the beautiful, moving music.

Even though we were in the last row of the theater, the price was well worth it. To hear a story about a love that withstands the test of time, perhaps that is what everyone wants

With you I would share
My days of happiness;
Everything is folly in this world
That does not give us pleasure.
Let us enjoy life,
For the pleasures of love are swift and fleeting
As a flower that lives and dies
And can be enjoyed no more.
Let's take our pleasure!
While its ardent,
Brilliant summons lures us on. -- La Traviata

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