Monday, November 15, 2004

To fill you in on my weekend

Not that it was anything exciting, but you know, I thought that someone might enjoy knowing what I did over this weekend.

Friday, I called Van to wish her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, her present didn't get mailed on time, and now it's just sitting on my desk begging to be sent. Hopefully I can put it in the mail this week sometime.

I've been working on my statement of faith, which is basically my senior thesis for my program. It was much harder than I thought and it's due on Friday, November 19th, which means I had to get it done this weekend. I spent Thursday evening trying to write something, but it was complete crap, so I had to start over again on Friday. I feel better about what I am writing now, but I won't know for a while if it's what the Bethel gods are looking for. I sure hope so...

Friday night I saw the second Bridget Jones movie. Please wait to see this movie until it comes to DVD or to your very fun $5 movie theater. It was the first one, which slightly different lines, but that's about all that changed. It wasn't worth the $8 I spent (thank God for student id's)...very disappointing.

Saturday, I had lunch with a friend and shopped for Christmas presents. With the financial situation being tough these days, I don't know what to give people. And thankfully I'm not in high school any more where I have to give to thousands of people, nor will I be receiving 12 years worth of Bath and Body Works scented lotion/soap/body spray/etc. I rented three movies: "Saved" (you are just jealous of my success in the Lord), "Lost in Translation" (Charlotte: I just don't know what I'm supposed to be. Bob: You'll figure that out. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.) and "God is good and I am not" (a French film, don't bother). I went to dinner with a friend (Hi Viv) and then watched Saturday Night Live (not funny...I miss the good old days of when it was funny...heck, that was last year).

Sunday, I finally watch "Lost in Translation". Very good...if you enjoy the art of film and not just movies, this is a great movie. "Garden State" reminds me of this film and I love them both. I went to Axis last night and it was an amazing program. Jarrett hit it out of the park last night. Hopefully it will be up soon so you can listen to. We talked about dating and it wasn't your typical dating talk, but how we tend to lose our identity when we do date. I would listen to it if you get a chance. Had Viv and Kristen over for dinner and watched "Scrubs".

It was a decent weekend and my soul feels very light from it. It looks like it's going to be a busy week. A vocab quiz, a paper, and my statement of faith is keeping me quite busy. Hope you are doing well...

And yes, I changed the blog color again...I like this better, but I don't know if I love it.

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Kristenanne said...

um, like it. and could you just keep CAVORSTSZA? It's easier to remember.