Thursday, November 18, 2004

A good laugh

I was on the phone last night with my friend Craig. A back story on Craig and I:
He worked for Student Ministries North Shore and had a background in Young Life . I was curious about other organizations using Young Life's camps and wanted to have coffee with him. I scared him at first, and now we are friends. He's an actor, poet, writer, and an intern groupie. I am a writer, a person who loves actors and an actual intern. We get along great.

Back to last night...Craig has learned that calling me after 11 pm is a tricky thing because I tend to be asleep, but I was up last night. He asked me about my day, and I said I had gone shopping, spent some time with the Trinity, and watched trashy TV (American's Next Top Model and Nanny 911). He asked me who the Trinity was...

Now, I was taken aback because he works for a church and a Christian university. He thought I meant Viv, Cookie and myself...I actually meant God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. T-h-e TRINITY. I was about to break back into Evangelical Christian mode.

Still, I laugh out loud...Besides, Viv, Cookie and I are the Three Amigos...get the nickname right at least.

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