Thursday, November 04, 2004

Just thinking...

I graduated from high school in 1998, I graduated from college in 2002, and I'll graduate from my master's program in 2005...What ever happened to the people I knew in 1998?

Last night I was laying in bed last night, trying to go to sleep and a friend of mine from high school (go BVN) popped into my head. I haven't seen her since graduation, and if I'm honest, we didn't end on the best of terms either. My high school graduation wasn't anything spectactular. Our graduation song was "I Believe I can Fly" by R. Kelly, I got into a fight with parents, and the one person I wanted to be there said he wasn't coming and then he surprised me by being there. All and all, I was happy to graduate from high school, but I always thought I would keep in better contact with those I spent so much time with.

So I got to thinking about all my friends from high school, both at my school and people I knew from the Kansas City area because my high school youth group had people from both sides of the lines and so here are a list of people I wonder what they are doing with their life now...

  • Bobby and Jeff A.
  • Curt P.
  • Chris C.
  • Wes M.
  • Whitney Y.
  • Julia G.
  • Jenny L.
  • Christine H.
  • Cully
  • Chris L.
  • Chris
  • Brandon N.
  • Brett O.

These aren't just random people, these are people I laughed with, cried with, drove around with, went to dances with, had crushes on...and I know I could find them on Classmates or Reunion, but that's not the same. I don't even know if they still are in KC, goodness knows I'm not, but I'm just curious to know what life looks like 7 years after you graduate.

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Kristenanne said...

shiza..only 7, try 10. It's coming...the 10 year reunion. Yes...and holy shiza. It's shiza. I wonder too about many people. My X's, my friends. Speaking of which I just sawa one of my old BFF's dad's walking right by my mom's. It's weird, cause mom still lives and probably will live in the the town I grew up in. She always runs into people. I never do. I'm actually ok with that though. Ok...just thought I'd share some thoughts brought about by your thoughts. Isn't that what blog world is all about???