Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In the place where I work

Okay friends, I get that it's the holiday season. In fact on Sunday when I was cleaning my room from top to bottom, I put on Joy, so I'm in the holiday mood, but there is a place where I draw the line.

I do not put up decorations prior to Thanksgiving, I do not keep them up later than New Years Day.

I do not listen to Christmas music every single second of every single day up until Christmas.

I do like to watch the Plaza lights come on, I do enjoy watching Elf, Charlie Brown's Christmas and Christmas Vacation in order to get into the holiday spirit.

But what my office did today to get people to come to the Christmas party was a step too far.

They had a grown man, dressed as Buddy the Elf, walk around, handing people invitations, attached to a Coke bottle (a real one for that matter), quoting the movie and making sure that people would come to the party.

A little over the line in my book...what happens when your office has a Christmas party?

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DrPat said...

We had a rule in our house: NO Christmas music before December 15th. If we hadn't, our kids would have driven us nuts with "Jingle Bells" (the only song they knew all the words to) starting in October. We also put up the tree in the Saturday closest to 12/15, and take it down right after Advent (1/6).

I ran into a grocery store Wednesday before Thanksgiving this year, and they had hired three "seasonal clerks" to pull Thanksgiving promotional items and replace them with Christmas stuff. And that's just the grocer's!

One office where I worked had a permanent committee to plan the Christmas party. They started polling people in the first week of September about possible venues. (They're out of business now - gee, I wonder why...)

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