Friday, February 03, 2006

You should see what vengeance looks like

My friend Bri has a blog...I love my friend Bri. She and I knew of each other during our freshman and sophomore years of college (we even took a random road trip to see Bebo Norman play in Oklahoma...but that's for a different post) but it wasn't until our junior year that we really became friends. She spent a Thanksgiving once with my crazy family and I'm eternally grateful for our friendship. Now, if she would only come out to visit in April...say April 7-9, that would be great!

Anyways, Bri went like weeks without posting, and I was beginning to get worried that I couldn't catch up with her. Thankfully she has begun posting again, and not only posting, but posting with a vengeance. So, read about my dear sensitive friend's's a good one.

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Bri said...

awww. tributes. hehe. i don't know if i will be able to make it in april, megs. especially not if i am suppposed to be stockpiling funds for a trip with you later that month or in may!!! we'll get it figured out... ps, were you lonely w/o scrubs this week? i was.