Thursday, February 16, 2006

But when it snows, it so pretty

Winter has finally arrived in Colorado. Today the high will be 21 and the snow will continue to fall throughout most of the day. This might be the first time in 3 weeks we haven't seen the sun all day. That's the beauty of Colorado, it's hard to have SAD when the sun shines 300 days a year.

But it's absolutely beautiful outside. I've been sleeping hard this last week and I didn't want to get out of bed. I wanted to roll my tv to my bedroom and stay in bed all day long. Ahh, but one must work to support a lifestyle they want. Anyways, my dear friend Andy is coming to visit next weekend, so we are going up to the mountains to hang out and ski. I cannot wait. It's like a mini vacation, which is what I need. Plus Vivie and my friend Jon will be joining us as well, so it will be great, plus I'm sure many stories will be involved afterwards.

On another side note, Viv and Maria spend most of our days, sending emails to each other. Viv is no longer working at that company (the beauty of temping, you never know where you'll be) so today will only contained to Maria and I chatting (well, maybe, I haven't heard from her yet).

And I saved the most important thing for last. You officially have 1 month to celebrate my birthday. In case you're curious to know what I want for my birthday (and have missed the two links on the right side mentioning), you can go here, view my list, and buy me something.

Until then, I'm going to stare out the front of my office and wish I was still in bed.


vbt said...

Oh, but the sun IS out today!!!

I heart denver!!!!

and I miss e-mailing with you guys :-(

Nick said...

To Meghan, who always is on my case for not posting on my personal blog. A post for today, about snow, Denver, a narrow man, and the city that we all love.