Friday, February 03, 2006

Thank you Ask Yahoo!

So, for years I have been telling people the old say "Beer for liquor makes you sicker, Liquor before beer you are in the clear" isn't true. It was one of the valuable things I learned in Human Nutrition in college. Thankfully, Ask Yahoo! Answered my question and now I can prove to the world that no matter what you drink, your body can't tell the difference, so ultimately that means, enjoy it all.

Don't believe me? Read below...

Dear Yahoo!:
Is the saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear" physiologically accurate?
Allyson Santa Barbara, California

Dear Allyson:
No. Portland's Willamette Week interviewed a nutrition expert and a pharmacologist; both nixed the theory. They astutely note that mixing different types of alcohol is generally a bad idea.

The reasoning behind the proverb is that it's easier on your body to absorb weaker alcoholic drinks, like beer, later in the evening. This probably holds some merit. It's also true that your body tends to process alcohol from carbonated drinks faster. But any piece of advice regarding alcohol consumption that contains the line "never fear" is obviously pretty suspect.

Hangovers are thought to be exacerbated by congeners, which are the chemical compounds responsible for the taste and color of various types of alcohol. Darker drinks, like whiskies and red wines, tend to have more congeners. So, lighter-colored drinks like white wine, vodka, and gin could help those eager to avoid a headache.

But drink enough of anything and you'll be hurting. Try drinking plenty of water before and after you get up, and throw down some vitamins, including C, E, and a milk-thistle supplement.

So internet friends, enjoy your weekend, but not too much! I'll be back on Monday!

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Vicki said...

Haha, I love this and needed it on NYE and then Val needed it a couple of weekends ago...I'll stick to my Schmirnoff and Bacardi with an occasional shot or maybe a Long Beach if I dare get wild crazy! Hehe, I miss you friend!