Sunday, February 19, 2006

What's on your mind?

So, Maria posted on how I didn't win $365 million in the lottery last night. I was using Calvinist thinking that God's plan was for me to win, obviously that fell through (like most Calvinist thinking does, but I won't go into that here).

My weekend so far has consisted of middle ground. Friday night was spend playing poker and winning (that's right, I won, and now I'm 3rd in the Radius standings). We looked over Rett's pictures from Africa and then sat with a friend who needed a shoulder. Saturday I had breakfast with Jenny, my eyebrows done, a haircut, and a traumatic experience at Target (and it was truly a Target run). We (Maria, Vivie, and I) sat around last night, watching random tv and just relaxing. Today we (Maria, Vivie, and I) had brunch and then a trip to the burbs for the Mills.

But my mind comes back to something that's important to me. When I first moved to Denver, I struggled (as I think most people do when they relocate). Trying to find which grocery store I would use, how do I get around, where do I get my dry cleaning done, which coffee shop do I go to when I don't want one ever puts out a book on these items. I couldn't tell you what way was up, and in the midst I wondered why I came. But something happened to me in October that changed my perspective. I remembered that I had a choice in moving here. And I remembered that God was meeting me in my choice, not punishing me for the decision I made. And slowly things began to change. That doesn't mean I don't have my moments where I question what God is doing, it just means that I try not to let it spin me as much.

Many of my friends have received an invite for Radius' spring retreat (or community intensive) and their questions are more of why should I come when you haven't connected. The truth is that I have now. In the beginning, there were many factors in why I didn't connect and I truly believe that Radius is in a turn. The RCI is important to me, not only because of what God can do through an experience like that, but also because I want the important people of my life to see what I am doing now. Having me try to explain it is just as futile (I think) as trying to tell you why I love the sunset, the stars, and Zach Braff.

We have 7 weeks till this event happens and there are a few people who I would love to see there: Tiff, Kelly, Liz, Christie, Craig, Leah, and Bri. My expectation is that one, maybe 2 will come, but to the people that I love the most, if you came and experienced not only Raidus but my world, that would be the best gift ever.

I know many of you are resistant...I've heard all the excuses. But we will work it out if you just say yes. Trust me, in my eyes, it is important enough for your presnese to be in the room.

On a really random note, itunes allows you to download "The Office", and I just downloaded the episode diversity...i can't wait to watch it over, and over, and over again.

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vbt said...

oh, those first 6 months after moving... they are a bitch, aren't they ;-)

glad we hung out this weekend!