Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I choo-choo choose you...

Yes, today is Valentine's Day. Year 26 without a Valentine to speak of. Last year it was a year of celebrating, not because I had a valentine, but because there were possibilities for valentines. And today, as the sun is shining and the 60 degree weather creeps by my office window, I realize there is no possibility of a valentine this year.

Now, today isn't typical. I arrived at work at 6:30, after leaving at 5:40 pm last night. I worked late, got here early and thought I would get an ulcer in the mean time. Work has been stressing me out. I don't like to be stressed, and I don't like to be up at 5:00 am (I don't even get up that early when we go skiing, in fact, I haven't been up this early since I opened for Starbucks).

But today is a good day overall. Again, I'm grateful for the community I have, even though at times it is painful. I'm grateful for new friendships and old and the ones that remind me that we will be friends for life. I'm grateful for the journey I am on and the possibility that people will be able to see what that looks like in April. But overall, I'm grateful for love. I'm grateful for falling into this year and out of it as well. It is love that compels me to move toward others, to understand others, and to be toward others. It is because of love that I get up in the morning because I know love will surprise me in some fashion. Like over Chinese dinner or through emails throughout the day.

I may no have a physical representation of it in a form of a boy, but I have it everywhere I look, in every face I see, in every step I take.

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