Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog's Day

This is one of my favorite holidays. I typically do the same thing every year. I go out and I rent by far one of the best movies Bill Murray has ever done.

I love this movie. I think it's so funny, and the scene where Bill is driving with the good!! In fact, it's on my wishlist on Amazon, so you could buy it for me for my birthday, which is coming up very soon.

Here's a great quote from this wonderful movie. Perhaps after you watch The Office tonight, you should rent this movie and enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Phil: It's the same things your whole life. "Clean up your room.", "Stand up straight.", "Pick up your feet.", "Take it like a man.", "Be nice to your sister.", "Don't mix beer and wine, ever.". Oh yeah, "Don't drive on the railroad track."
Gus: Eh, Phil. That's one I happen to agree with.

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