Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I would just like to thank this man for making my 4 years at Kansas State some of the best memories in my life. I wish him the best of luck and hope that whomever replaces him in the future will bring Kansas State back to their glory. Best wishes Bill! (to read more, see this article, or this one, or this one...)

In other news (this was expected), after the shitty day yesterday, I'm grateful that this dvd is now available. At least this boy can't hurt me as much...and I do love him.


Anonymous said...

unexpected indeed. it's a sad day in manhattan.
-miss ya

Nick said...

Jen, Mark and Nick here... just wanted to chime in on your blog. Mark is very sad about Snyder leaving. He is crying. And in honor of Snyder's background at the greatest midwestern university in the history of the world, perhaps they could change the name to the Kansas State Hawkeye-Wildcats. Or maybe just the Wild Hawkeyes. What do you think?