Thursday, November 10, 2005

Embrace it, then get over it...

Two quick things about today.

  1. I'm carb-loading like crazy...I need something of substance for lunch.
  2. I read this article today. Michigan (the entire state) needs help...I love you people who are from there (Ben, Andy, Maria, Jim, Wendy, Beth and Sheralee) but seriously, an 18 year old mayor...Now that's crazy.

And to answer your question Bri, no, I'm not lost in love land, I'm just lost in general.

And Kelly, I took you serious and signed you up for the April Retreat...get excited!

And Tiff and Cookie, I'm calling you this weekend...I love you too and miss you tons!


Bri said...


aren't you gonna call me and fill me in? i'd like to update you as well... maybe this weekend we can chat.

Ms. Warren said...

Word. I'm trying to work the retreat into the schedule. Only problem is spring break...I'll keep you posted. Good talking to you yesterday!